Sometimes we forget
            the sacrifices they made.

  • Rememberthose we lost on that tragic day.
  • Supportthose in need around the globe.
  • Protectour first responders with the resources that they need.
  • Promote goodwill around the world.

Our Mission

The Patriot Group is dedicated to promoting and ensuring the safety of men and women who put their lives at risk to save the lives of all those who find themselves in a disaster or emergency situation.

Our mission is to assist all emergency response personnel and the citizenry at large on a local, national and international level across both private and governmental organizations.

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Our Work

We provide support and emergency resources that are needed in all phases of preparing, planning and managing emergency crisis situations in an urban or rural setting. We will especially focus on crisis areas where there is a need for access to resources that are not typically available due to lack of funds or a challenging location.

Some examples include:

  • Acquiring a spare fireboat from the FDNY Marine Division and donating to the Memphis, TN Fire Department
  • Structuring an Incident Command System (ICS) in the Philippines after destruction from Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) 2013
  • Captain Fuentes has delivered motivational speaches to our troops around the world

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Our Founder

Al-FuentesRetired FDNY Captain Al Fuentes is the founder and international chair of the Patriot Group organization. During his 26 year career in the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) and 35 plus years in the Emergency Management, Disaster Preparedness & Response & Search & Rescue field, Captain Fuentes responded, in a federal capacity (FEMA), to numerous national and international disasters including the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995).

Captain Fuentes responded to and operated at emergency operations during the terrorist attacks on our country at the World Trade Center Towers in NYC. While helping to coordinate the rescue efforts he became a victim himself when he was subsequently buried under the collapse of the North tower.
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Watch Videos that tell his story!

"American by Choice"

American by Choice by Al Fuentes
American By Choice is a modern day odyssey, the story of a young boy from Ecuador who comes to America and encounters the challenges faced by every newly arriving immigrant; the story of a man who rises to the rank of Captain in New York's renowned FDNY.

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